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Bringing hearts and minds together

Life Science Cares uses the opportunities offered by the life science industry to help solve one of our most difficult social problems – poverty.

We build project platforms that can be implemented in your company with the help of your committed employees.
At the same time, we invest in humanitarian organizations and support selected projects financially and through voluntary work. Your employees have the opportunity to participate in these projects.

Our actions are local and project-oriented – we use existing channels to maximize impact. We see this as an opportunity to make life sciences more accessible and an opportunity for talent to strengthen our community.

Life Science Cares projects

Life Science Cares Switzerland builds its own project platforms that can be implemented in partner companies in the life science industry. We ensure the connection to the charitable organizations so that those children who need it most can benefit.

National Future Day

Accompanying parents to work and thus gaining an insight into the world of work is a great opportunity. What about children whose parents don’t have a job?

On National Future Day, schoolchildren throughout Switzerland are given the opportunity to accompany their parents to work or to get to know the world of work through various special projects. Children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are excluded from Future Day. Life Science Cares is now closing this gap and has established a project platform that enables these children to spend Future Day at one of our partner companies in the life science industry.

Projects with charitable partners

Life Science Cares Switzerland invests in selected projects of charitable organizations. These projects can be additionally supported by the volunteer work of our Life Science partners’ employees.

Caritas Christmas party Zurich

Christmas for children and families affected by poverty.

250 – 300 individuals affected by poverty, often mothers with children, are cordially invited to celebrate Christmas together. On average, 10% of all guests are children with a multicultural background. Life Science Cares supports its partner Caritas financially and through volunteer work.

SRC individual help for people living in poverty

A Swiss initiative to ensure basic medical care in Switzerland

In Switzerland, around 745,000 people were affected by poverty in 2021 and more than 1.24 million people were considered to be at risk of poverty – including many families. Ongoing crises place a particularly heavy burden on these people.For example, the coronavirus pandemic led to a loss of income and the conflict in Ukraine drove up food and energy prices.An unforeseeable event such as an accident or illness can quickly put households with tight budgets into financial difficulties. To prevent people in Switzerland from slipping into poverty or falling into debt because of one-off expenses, help is needed – as a secondary priority to state aid.
The SRC has been helping people affected by and at risk of poverty for many years with a range of services that vary from canton to canton. Individual assistance offers one-off help of a maximum of CHF 1,000 per household in exceptional emergencies.Experience shows that there is a great need for this type of assistance and that the SRC is able to reach the people affected.They also show that the standardized offer throughout Switzerland strengthens cooperation with other institutions in the social sector in the respective region.The SRC’s aim is to approve at least 1,400 applications for support for people affected by poverty each year.